With over 26 years of expertise in successfully managing and expanding call centres, we possess unparalleled in-house knowledge for growing our Call Centre Portfolio.

Our operations, primarily based in the UK, offer a comprehensive range of functions, specializing in inbound customer services, helpdesk management, critical care management, incident management, and general call handling services for over 30,000 companies. Our clients include large blue-chip corporations, local governments, the NHS, the police, and private companies across various sectors. Additionally, we have businesses that excel in outbound customer services and both inbound and outbound sales teams. Our extensive network employs thousands of dedicated professionals.

Our primary focus remains on UK call centres, with our main portfolio based in the UK. However, we occasionally extend finance and funding to call centres across Europe and globally. Our diverse portfolio includes services ranging from inbound emergency call handling and FCA-regulated calls to general customer services.

We are proud that our UK portfolio includes 12 BPO and contact centre businesses, generating in fiscal year 2024-2025 over £150 million ($185 million) in revenue and will be employing 5,000 staff. Our strong cash flows and highly profitable returns are reinvested into our staff, training, technology, and AI to ensure continuous growth and excellence.

Moreover, we have diversified our call centres to offer an omni-channel experience, specializing in inbound calls, outbound calls, live chat, and email handling, to meet the evolving needs of our clients and their customers.

We invest more in businesses than just capital

The 2024-2026 Strategy

Focused on Strategic Acquisitions

Isher Capital’s 2024-2026 strategy emphasizes aggressive acquisition of call centre operations, particularly those seeking exits or needing turnaround expertise. Our goal is to rejuvenate these businesses, preserve brands, and protect jobs, avoiding mere asset extraction.

Addressing Economic Challenges

With rising costs and extended payment terms squeezing margins, many call centres face cash flow issues. Isher Capital is prepared to invest substantially to stabilize and grow these operations, ensuring timely wage payments and operational continuity.

Integrated BPO Solutions

We have combined top-tier BPO businesses to create a unified platform, offering seamless, cross-utilization of services and advanced technology solutions to our enterprise clients. This synergy enhances our ability to deliver efficient and agile customer service solutions.

Leading with Experience

With over 25 years of acquiring premium BPO companies, Isher Capital is the UK’s largest privately-owned Customer Experience Operator. We employ elite Customer Service Executives across the UK, serving major sectors including Facilities Management, Emergency Incident Handling, E-commerce, Legal & Financial, Local Government, and the NHS.

Driving Growth

Our strategy aims to lead the market through strategic acquisitions and operational excellence. By focusing on long-term sustainability and leveraging our expertise, Isher Capital is set to drive growth and create lasting value for our clients and employees. Together, we build stronger relationships and ensure a prosperous future for all.

Unlocking Value with Isher Capital: A Partnership for Call Centre Owners

How Isher Capital Can Help Call Centre Stakeholders Release Value

Isher Capital empowers call centre owners by unlocking significant value from day one. Our comprehensive solutions, including acquisitions, share purchase agreements, cash flow financing, and debt funding, are tailored to meet your unique needs.

Why Choose Isher Capital?

  • Immediate Value:Unlock substantial financial value on day one.
  • Growth Expertise:Leverage our expertise to grow your business and enhance earning potential.
  • Stakeholder Benefits:Retain stakeholder interests for additional earn-outs, ensuring continued benefits.
  • Workforce Retention:We prioritize retaining your staff, maintaining continuity and stability.

Join the successful call centre owners who have partnered with Isher Capital to release value from their operations. Contact us today to explore how we can support your business and help you achieve greater financial stability and growth. Together, we can build a prosperous future for your call centre and its dedicated employees.


In all these situations Isher Capital can help. From straight forward acquisitions through to share purchase agreements, cash flow financing and debt funding, we provide solutions for businesses.

Our appetite to work in and with UK Call Centres is by far stronger than any other UK private equity or investment organisation.

We specialise in working with businesses who may be experiencing cash flow difficulties or who need to raise additional capital.

Isher Capital supports small businesses and entrepreneurs with investment,capital, and years of industry expertise.