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A Message from the CEO of Isher Capital & Our Portfolio Companies

“As the CEO of Isher Capital & Our Portfolio Companies, I have the privilege of working with diverse businesses every day. Isher Capital empowers me to support entrepreneurs and nurture enterprises, creating opportunities for growth and success.

2024 promises to be an exciting, challenging, and momentous year for myself and our dedicated team. We are celebrating significant milestones, with some of our call centre businesses reaching their 25th anniversary and our investment ventures marking 15 years of success.

This year marks a turning point for our Group as I channel my efforts into growth and acquisition, both within the UK and globally. I am confident in the daily operations of our call centre businesses, managed by my capable 14-member leadership team who report to me regularly.

Since 2020, our strategic acquisitions and overall growth have led to our greatest financial achievements. This journey has underscored that success in business is about the path we take, not just the destination.

Working closely with our thousands of staff every day reinforces my belief that every human being is equal. We should not let religion, color, culture, or wealth divide us. We are all part of one race—the human race.

My primary focus is to create long-term sustainable employment for as many people as possible within our group of companies. I believe in building profitable, cash-generating businesses that reinvest in their people. Celebrating our daily successes and welcoming new businesses into our family brings me immense joy.

As I look ahead to 2024, I am filled with gratitude and anticipation. The time and effort we have invested are evident, and I am ready to embark on what promises to be my busiest and most rewarding year yet.”

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About Reuben Singh

Reuben Singh’s entrepreneurial journey is a testament to his unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence. Born and raised in the UK, Reuben has launched over 30 businesses and been involved in more than 50 ventures worldwide, with a primary focus on the UK market. His deep connection to his home country has shaped his approach to business, emphasizing growth and success within the UK.

As the Group CEO of iCXperience, Reuben leads the UK’s largest privately-owned customer experience outsourcing services provider. Under his leadership, iCXperience has managed over 1.5 billion customer service interactions, delivering world-class solutions across various channels and industries. Reuben’s vision for iCXperience centers on investing in exceptional talent to achieve outstanding customer experiences and brand protection for clients.

In addition to his role at iCXperience, Reuben is the Founder of Isher Capital, a family office with assets under management of £500 million. His extensive experience in the CX tech and BPO sector, spanning over 24 years, has seen him create, acquire, and operate successful outsourcing companies in the UK and the USA. These companies specialize in sectors such as e-commerce, health, facilities management, financial services, and legal.

Reuben’s hands-on approach extends to all the businesses he is involved in, including those supported by Isher Capital. His strategic direction and operational expertise ensure that these ventures provide agile, scalable, and innovative customer service solutions, adding value and efficiency to service-driven businesses.

Beyond his business ventures, Reuben is also the driving force behind The Reuben Singh Scholarship, dedicated to supporting young entrepreneurs’ academic and business ambitions, and the Reuben Singh Trust, which focuses on charitable causes important to the Singh family.

Reuben Singh’s legacy is characterized by his relentless pursuit of excellence, his commitment to honesty, transparency, and integrity, and his profound impact on the entrepreneurial community in the UK and beyond.

The Reuben Singh Ethos

As the founder of numerous successful businesses, Reuben Singh possesses a profound understanding of the ethos and mindset essential for entrepreneurial success. His extensive experience spanning over three decades has equipped him with unique insights into the intricacies of business, making him a distinguished figure in the entrepreneurial community.

A steadfast supporter of UK small businesses and entrepreneurs, Reuben is passionate about instilling this ethos in others. He is dedicated to helping aspiring businesspeople cultivate the same drive and commitment that have been the cornerstones of his own success. Central to Reuben’s ethos is the belief in being transparent yet relentless in the pursuit of making things better.

A capitalist by profession and a socialist at heart, Reuben champions the idea of helping others through socialism achieved via capitalism. He actively shares motivational tips and business insights across his network, encouraging a balance between personal success and communal support.

Reuben warmly invites those interested in entrepreneurship to connect with him on social media, where he regularly offers valuable advice, inspiration, and encouragement. Through these platforms, Reuben continues to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs, fostering a community of driven and committed individuals poised for success.

The Reuben Singh Ethos

As the founder of a number of successful businesses, Reuben understand the ethos and mind set of a successful businessman more than most.

As a consistent supporter of UK small businesses and entrepreneurs, Reuben is keen to instill this ethos in others, and help them attain the same drive and commitment that has fueled his success over the past 20 years in business.

Reuben actively shares motivational tips across his network and welcomes anyone interested in entrepreneurship to join him on social media for regular insights, advice and motivation.


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The Reuben Singh Scholarship supports young entrepreneurs with their education.

The Reuben Singh Trust works with charitable causes important to the Singh family.

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Isher Capital supports small businesses and entrepreneurs with investment, capital, and years of industry expertise.