Isher Capital is a Boutique Private Equity Fund & Family Office primarily focused on providing immediate equity resourcing to Entrepreneurs & Owner-managed businesses. Established to support businesses and entrepreneurs, we feel our expertise lies in business growth, rescue and turnaround situations which require capital resources.

Managed from the UK with a strong presence across the UK, Europe, Middle East & Far East, Isher Capital is involved in a wide range of its own businesses which include Call Centres, Commercial Office Developments, Telecoms, E-commerce, Mobile Applications and Hotel projects. Call Centre businesses being the primary sector of specialism for the fund.

We specialise in working with businesses who may be experiencing cash flow difficulties or who need to raise additional capital within. We have the ability to move quickly to acquire or invest in situations where time is of the essence.

With a strong portfolio of performing Assets & access to significant Capital Reserves, we have the liquidity to invest in businesses quickly and to continue our growth throughout 2020-2021.

Isher Capital has stepped up its UK & Global expansion plan during the Covid Pandemic to expand our Portfolio of Companies & Assets as well as providing businesses with access to Capital Reserves.


We invest more in businesses than just capital

“We move fast and specialise in making investment decisions within 48 hours”


We move fast and specialise in making investment decisions within 48 hours if required. As a boutique private equity house we specialise in investing in owner-managed businesses in the e-commerce, retail, technology, and business process outsourcing sectors.

Isher Capital brings together a wealth of knowledge in our core areas of expertise, seeking advice from our team of in-house experts and entrepreneurs in-residence in our decision-making process.

We invest more in businesses than just capital. Isher Capital offers support to companies through our strong network of entrepreneurs, lawyers, accountants and bankers.

Isher Capital do not look at minority stake interests but consider disproportional rights to allow the companies we work with to lead the business with their vision.

Our investment range is typically from £100,000 – £1m


With over 19 years’ of experience in successfully running and managing Call Centres, we have the expertise in house when it comes to growing our Call Centre Portfolio.

Our primary focus is on UK Call Centres and our main Call Centre portfolio is UK based, however from time to time we will provide finance and funding to Call Centres across Europe and the world.

Our UK portfolio is invested in several UK based call centres and will this coming year pass revenues of £75m ($100m) and provide employment to circa 1000 staff all based in the UK.

Our strategy is to grow the portfolio by an additional 10 call centres with revenues of over £100m ($130m), employing circa over 2000 staff in the UK.

Our portfolio of services is diverse, from inbound emergency call handling and FCA regulated calls to general customer services.

We have diversified our Call Centres, and now operate an omni-channel offering, specialising in inbound calls, outbound calls, live chat, and email handling.

“We seek to build on our expertise and invest in complementary companies”

Isher Capital offers support to companies



A prominent and growing division of Isher Capital is our trading division. This is where Isher Capital excels in delivering instant liquidity to sellers looking to off-load goods. With our liquidity reserves we can move quickly and purchase any excess stock or goods with no credit terms needed. Isher Capital is probably one of the fastest purchasing houses of excess stock in the UK.

We will purchase excess stock of FMCG, white goods, electronics, nonperishable food, automotive, aviation, maritime, precious stones, and some commodities. We have recently grown our collectable stock purchasing division and as we enter 2020-2021 fiscal year we have over £25m of appreciating “non-property” stock assets.

Using a sophisticated and strong network of logistics partners we can transport goods straight into warehousing facilities allowing us flexibility when it comes to transferring goods.

To maximize our returns, we look at deals that clearly demonstrate significant discounts on trade prices. Our minimum deal size is £500,000 but under exceptional circumstances we do look at smaller deals.


At Isher Capital we provide short-term capital to companies in need of immediate access to liquidity.

With a strong network of contacts in most sectors in the UK, America, Europe, the Middle East and Far East, we are well-placed to facilitate deals and act as a deal-maker. If necessary, however, we can also provide funding for any of the parties concerned.

With our banking and professional contacts in the City of London and throughout the UK, we are often able to arrange longer-term financing for deals by bridging the short term requirement with our own cash reserves.

Our view is simple: If we can help an Entrepreneur or Owner Manager business through a particular situation of difficulty whilst making a return on our investment however short term it is we see this as worthwhile.





“Every day is a second chance”

Reuben Singh

Reuben Singh


Having been in business for over 20 years and coming from a family of entrepreneurs, I know first-hand that difficult times come to all of us in business. When you feel you can’t turn to your own support network for financial help, that’s where Isher Capital comes in.

Isher Capital was created as an alternative source of funding to help business owners get quick access to cash. We act as a soundboard and through our own due diligence process sometimes even help business owners realise that raising more money is not always the best thing to do.I have experienced this first-hand. Entrepreneurs are human: we all make good decisions and not-so-good decisions, though always in what we think are the best interests of our business. Cash is the fuel for most businesses. Isher Capital was formed simply to provide entrepreneurs with another route to liquidity.

Entrepreneurs who take risks and accept challenges should be embraced and celebrated. Sometimes situations occur in business where additional capital is necessary and this is when our ideas, our convictions, and our own determination and dedication to our business, are most tested.

I do not know one entrepreneur who hasn’t experienced hard times and lack of cash-flow at some time in their career. More often than not, it is these times that teach us and give us the ability to shape our ideas from our own experience, helping us to become more sustainable and profitable in the long-run.

Entrepreneurs who can accept they have made mistakes but who do not give up are the people Isher Capital try to embrace and help. It is not always possible for us to assist on a deal or invest for a variety of reasons but we will listen and we will try. With a strong, close network and management team with a brilliant track record in a variety of fields, together with like-minded entrepreneurs we can promise to consider your opportunity.


Reuben Singh CEO


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