With over 19 years’ of experience in successfully running and managing Call Centres, we have the expertise in house when it comes to growing our Call Centre Portfolio.

Our primary focus is on UK Call Centres and our main Call Centre portfolio is UK based, however from time to time we will provide finance and funding to Call Centres across Europe and the world.

Our UK portfolio is invested in several UK based
call centres and will this year pass revenues of £30m ($41m) and provide employment to over 500 staff all based in the UK.

Our strategy is to grow the portfolio to 8-10 call centres with revenues of over £100m ($140m), employing circa 2000 staff in the UK.

Our portfolio of services is diverse, from inbound emergency call handling and FCA regulated calls to general customer services.

We have diversified our Call Centres, and now operate an omni-channel offering, specialising in inbound calls, outbound calls, live chat, and email handling.



We invest more in businesses than just capital


Our 2018 acquisition strategy is to invest £20m to acquire call centre operations where the owners are looking for an exit, or the operations are failing and require turn-around care.

Isher Capital always looks at preserving brands and safeguarding the jobs of as many of the existing staff as possible and is not looking at situations to purely extract current asset value.

With the UK economy still suffering from rising costs (not least from the significant increases in wage costs due to minimum wage rises) many call centre operations have seen a major cut in their margins.

Together with the rising demand for longer payment terms, call centres are experiencing significant cashflow difficulties as their largest expense – staff – cannot share in the extended credit terms and wages need to be paid on time each month.


In all these situations Isher Capital can help. From straight forward acquisitions through to share purchase agreements, cash flow financing and debt funding, we provide solutions for businesses.

Our appetite to work in and with UK Call Centres is by far stronger than any other UK private equity or investment organisation.

We specialise in working with businesses who may be experiencing cash flow difficulties or who need to raise additional capital.

Isher Capital supports small businesses and entrepreneurs with investment,capital, and years of industry expertise.

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